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About us

OSBRiDGE Sp. z o.o., based in Poland, Europe, designs and manufactures a full suite of OSBRiDGE broadband wireless connectivity products. Our wireless bridges and routers enable high-performance, cost-effective wireless LAN/WAN communication solutions that have data rates over 100 Mbps and ranges up to 50 kilometers.

Since 2001, OSBRiDGE has provided over 50 thousand outdoor wireless installations worldwide in over 20 countries. Our customer base includes telecom carriers, WISPs, private entities and OEM partners. OSBRiDGE customers range from a small business running a point-to-point link to a large commercial networks with over 3000 sites.

OSBRiDGE multipoint fixed broadband access products are based on high-performance radio and adaptive polling software, which allows unprecedented data throughput, flexibility, scalability, and security. For details, please refer to the product page.