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OSBRiDGE 5GXt deployment, Case Scenario 3

The devices were deployed on a 6 kilometers distance. There is a line of sight between these two points and fresnel zone fresnel zone clearance is achieved.

Pictures of the instalation:

For testing purposes we have configured devices to operate using 40MHz channel widths.

System Information screen from the first device (OSBRiDGE 5GXt):

and System Information screen from the second device (OSBRiDGE 5GXt):

Mikrotik BTest was used to test the link throughput, first using TCP/IP:

The link was capable of running 54 Mbps real TCP/IP traffic in one direction and 53 Mbps real TCP/IP traffic in the other direction.

The full duplex test follows:

We can see 20/46 Mbps full duplex real TCP/IP traffic but please note the CPU utilization on our MT box - it's constant 100%. Unfortunately this MT box wasn't capable of generating more TCP traffic than that, eventhough there could be moved much more (please see UDP tests below).

UDP throughput test was performed too:

Results: 60 Mbps in one direction and 57 Mbps in the other direction UDP throughput.

Full Duplex UDP test:

Results: 47/55 Mbps full duplex UDP throughput, really good for a 6 kilometers link.