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OSBRiDGE RMS (Remote Management System)

version 2.02

The OSBRiDGE Remote Management System (RMS) is a web based software offering powerful, intuitive solution for centrally managing, monitoring, and configuring OSBRiDGE based wireless network.

The OSBRiDGE RMS provides unprecedented visibility into how network is performing, offering detailed information about device availability, traffic patterns, bandwidth consumption and other performance trends that Network Administrators can use to maximize network resources. The monitoring application also helps Network Administrators learn how users are accessing the network. Armed with that knowledge Network Administrators can quickly pinpoint error conditions or other problems, determine source of the fault, and drill down to identify and resolve problems.


OSBRiDGE 5G Access Point management list:

Access Point configuration page:

OSBRiDGE Client Devices management list:

CPE device configuration page:

Sample Statistics Pages:

Client Download/Upload stats:

Access Point Data Transfer stats:

Device Reboot stats:

System Information page:

Device Auto Discover page:

Legal Terms

This software is available for download at http://www.osbridge.com/?q=en/software under Creative Commons free to use and modify, no commercial redistribution license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/us/