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OSBUpgrade User Guide

Initial Setup and configuration.

OSBUpgrade is a very simple, yet powerful Windows application that let you automaticaly bulk upgrade of OSBRiDGE devices to new firmware revision.

In the "Firmware:" field please enter path to firmware file you want to use for upgrading.

In the "Device Files:" field please enter path to configuration file containing information about the devices you want to upgrade. The configuration file is a simple text file in following format:

ip_address_device_1:Device Name:snmp_password:device_password
ip_address_device_2:Device Name:snmp_password:device_password
ip_address_device_3:Device Name:snmp_password:device_password
ip_address_device_4:Device Name:snmp_password:device_password
ip_address_device_5:Device Name:snmp_password:device_password


ip_address_device_X - IP Address of the device
Device Name - Any name you choose to be shown in the program dialog next to the IP Address
snmp_password - SNMP Password used for SNMP management of your OSBRiDGE device (default SNMP password is public)
device_password - Password you use for device management (ie. to log into the web interface)

Sample configuration file may look as this:

and can be downloaded from here: devices.dlst (use "save file as" option in your web browser).

One configuration file should contain configuration for only one device type.

After pressing the "START" button the program starts operating and upgrading the devices one by one. Please note tha depending on your configuration file and number of devices being upgraded this may take a while.

If there's an error and the application can not connect to the device after firmware upgrade the automated process will be interrupted and no further devices will be upgraded. There will be an information about this error shown on the screen.

This automated firmware upgrade is supported on following device types and firmware revisions:

OSBRiDGE 5XLi, 5GXi, 5XL, 5GXi-HP, 5XL-HP: firmware ver. 3.38R and later
OSBRiDGE 5Gi, 5Gi-HP: firmware ver. 3.27R and later
OSBRiDGE 5G, 5G-HP, 5GL, 5GL-HP: firmware ver. 3.19R and later
OSBRiDGE 5GXt, 5GXt-HP: firmware ver. 1.04R and later